Ngoc Van Restaurant : Local Business Review

Here at City Collateral, we believe in supporting local businesses, especially restaurants. Today’s review will be on a location that is extremely near and dear to my heart, Ngoc Van.

Located on 11th Ave and St. John, Ngoc Van offers a quiet refuge from your busy day with a side of delicious food. The staff here are extremely friendly and dedicated to making sure your experience is as positive as possible. Working in the pawn business can be stressful sometimes and I have been known to take a 30 minute breather across the street resting my sorrows in a delicious bowl of chicken soup.

From noodle bowls, fresh rolls, soup, subs, to bubble tea, Gnoc Van knocks your taste buds out of the park. See below for some of City Collateral’s recommended dishes:

  • Keith: Pork Skewer Fresh Rolls. Strawberry & Coconut Bubble tea with extra tapioca.
  • Julia: War Wonton Soup. If you add some chili sauce, it’s awesome.
  • Dom: Ginger beef.
  • Curtis: Spring rolls.
  • Tim: Pork skewer sub.

You can view there website and here.

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