Extended Warranty on Pre-Owned Items? Correct!

I’ll be honest, I’m not always the first one to jump into the pool when it comes to shopping second-hand. A lot of the time, I am concerned about longevity of the item and if I’m going to get stuck with something that doesn’t work 20 minutes after I buy it.

Everything you purchase from City Collateral automatically has a 48 hour warranty window where you can return an item and get a full refund. After the initial 48 hours however, should something go wrong, the sale is final and that can scare some people away, including myself.

Enter City Collateral’s awesome extended warranty package.

When you purchase an item from City Collateral, you can purchase an extended 60 day warranty that offers in-store credit for the amount spent transferable to any other item in the store. The cost of the warranty varies depending on the cost of the item, it’s a small percentage.

We believe in and stand behind everything we sell here but should something go wrong with what you purchased, it’s nice to have an extra bit of confidence.