Call of Duty®: Ghosts – Collector’s Edition Tactical Camera


What was that!?!  Could it be the enemy approaching?  Has the moment finally come for you to stand and fight for the ashes of The United States? Nope, that was your cat knocking over Uncle Wilbur’s urn!  You are NOT a Navy Seal, and yes, you’re actually hiding under your chesterfield’s cushions playing Call of Duty®: Ghosts.  Regardless, you practically ARE Elias (Awesome shout-out to Platoon) fighting along side his two US Special Forces sons, thanks to the nifty Call of Duty®: Ghosts – Collector’s Edition Tactical Camera.

“I’m scared of the dark, spiders are icky and clowns haunt my dreams BUT when I play Call of Duty®: Ghosts with my Collector’s Edition Camera… I’m invincible!” – Direct quote.

Soldier!  You need the right tools if you’re going to survive ultimate battles through the Mexican terrain, Caribbean Sea and yes… even Antarctica!

Are you ready to meet your video gaming destiny?  Are you ready to become a super soldier like Jordan?  Are you ready to neglect every relationship in your real life to become a gaming GOD???

You bet your Simpsons slippers you are!!! Come down to City Collateral Pawn today and pick this testosterone fueled item for the low, low price of 79.99!! Hurry fast! This thing actually just jumped out of the case and throat punched a Cabbage Patch Doll!!!

Find out the specs here: Download User Manual


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